Thursday, May 29, 2008

2009 Senior Sessions Begin

It is official...I am now starting the 2009 Senior Sessions! I am so excited...I have about 287 Seniors at one school and they have started booking their appointments and I am so excited.
Senior Season means several things....early mornings, late nights, travel and all new experiences! This may sound bad to you but I love it and would have it no other way!

Here are a few pictures that I have already done....the boys is a before and after...I really like the look of it but I am unsure if I will ever do this shot for anyone else. This is the actual cannon that they fire at the football games when the Pirates make a touchdown! If you have never used Photoshop to change the background in something.......well let's just say that took longer than I would like to talk about! It wouldn't have been so bad if the cannon had not had all the little pieces not to mention the rope.....well it's done and I am happy with it!

Anyway......I look forward to the many new places that this years seniors will be taking I am heading to a farm and it is beautiful and this will be the first time I photograph at it....check back for photos!

Well, remember...........Life is a Journey....without Pictures, how will you remember?

What's Clickin',
Melanie Burney

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Finally Friday

I am so sure that I am not the only calling my blog for the day this but if I have ever been glad to see a Friday...this is it! School is officially out for all the kids and it is SUMMER TIME!
I have been really busy this week photographing Cap & Gowns, 2008 Senior Sessions, 2009 Senior Sessions, Pregnancy Sessions and babies!
I have posted two videos on Youtube that you can watch ......Jess and Blake!
You can get to both videos on left side of screen. I don't think you will be disappointed by taking a quick peak!
Let me tell you....I have found a new artist that her music is awesome....Colbie Caillat! She is from California and her music well...just watch the two videos I mentioned earlier...that is her. If you have not bought her new CD CoCo are missing out the songs are all awesome!
I have a old friend of mine that lives on St. Simons Island and he is performing for the military this weekend in Virginia with Martha Munizzi(SpellCheck) and SonicFlood and several others.....please take a moment this weekend to whisper a prayer for them.
Also, another old friend of mine, well his family needs your prayers. Yesterday morning he decided to take his own life and it has shocked many(especially me).
It makes you think.....I mean you know we just never know what people are really going through and we should always wear a I guess this blog is a little different but at least I filled you in on a little of the week.
My husband is coming home and I finally get to spend a long weekend with him! We are both off work Monday and we are heading out as soon as Graduation is over and I get all the pictures taken.
Look for my 2008 Senior Memory Blog....coming soon!
Until next time Be safe.

What's Clickin',
Melanie Burney

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well, sorry for the delay in posting but man can I ever tell I missed a week at work.....!
I am starting to see that my desk is under all this work but I am still behind. On Saturday, I did a session and the child was just an angel....adorable!

Monday Morning I had a commercial session for a Candy Label.....Light Buddy Candy....The candy is awesome....if you ever get a some it is for diabetics...super! She makes all kinds but she wanted her grandson on the label for the gold box ...she is only boxing Light Buddy the others are bagged. I know she charges $1.25 per bag...that's the deal of the century! This is the image she is using on the box and the other image is just the candy!

And last but certainly not least is the One Year Old Session that I did yesterday..... She loved her cake! It amazes me at the one year olds that do not want to get dirty...nice nasty I guess you would say...well, this was not the typical session. I have never had them want their feet in the cake as much as their hands... after this session, I had to scrub even the walls in the camera room but it is priceless.....the fun images can be seen at and look for the one year old session!

So with that......I'm signing off for the day...I have more sessions this afternoon and then it's updating all my other sites......
What's Clickin',
Melanie Burney

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Photoshop Comic

I am at GA School and have been really busy taking pictures, being a model and dealing with other issue as they arise. This year has been a smaller turn out than normal but it has been a lot of fun. In todays issue of the newsletter, I used a cartoon that I think is so funny on

Friday, May 2, 2008

Photogenic Session from Tuesday

There ya go...... Before and After.... I like the way this photogenic turned out. I really appreciate the parents that realize their child doesn't have to be smiling... If they don't smile at home why will they smile for someone they don't see very often? That i a question photographers have tried to answer for centuries...... I fell this photogenic portrait turned out way better than the session did.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yesterday & Today

Well, my computer has gone haywire and I think I have a Virus.... but, it shall not defeat me.... here is a few of the images from the session that I did Wednesday. If I could photograph this girl everyday.... I would. I love it when everything works out like I want it to. The only issue I had with this sitting was the sun but I can't do anything about that. Here's Wednesdays' video.

I had a session yesterday .... now you have to really like kids to be in this profession. We have photographed the 6 pm session from yesterday since he was born and he is four now..... he has his own agenda and his own poses. I will post a few of his images later on taoday. I hope everyone enjoys their day and I will update soon.