Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Day Off

So far, I have really enjoyed my so called day off...... I put together a slide show this morning,
(I put the Video together in about 5 minuted so it's not fancy, wait til ya see the GA School one that I am going to do......)cleaned off my computer, had a long talk with a old friend about where I am at in my walk with the Lord, been shopping at Wal-Mart, played with my dogs, went to tag office to pay my taxes(Yippee), and now I am fixing to go and get my things together for my afternoon Session.
My session today is a Senior who happens to also be a model so this one is easy and the location that we will be using is beautiful. I will post a few images here tomorrow! I am really excited about this session.
Well, I am signing off for now and I will catch you all up next time!

What's Clickin',
Melanie Burney

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Day

It has been a very busy day. I managed to update the studios Senior Site, keep up with twitter, myspace and now this! I got all of the name badges printed for the vendors for GA School of Professional Photographers, as well as speak with several of the vendors to finalize plans for next week.
Well, just out of the Camera Room with my 5:00 Session and boy an I tired.... have you ever had one of those sessions that just doesn't seem to be going how you expect it...I mean these Pageant Kids are supposed to know how to smile for the photographer, right? WRONG! Well, here is two images that I managed to capture and it gives me a starting point before all of the enhancements. I will post the enhanced image later. Remember this is a raw untouched file.
As you can see you have a sweet innocent looking shy girl and a little girl that turned wicked.... no seriously though... I think that this session taught me that I can do anything....through Christ who strengthens me! Check back before Friday for the Finished Product of this session.

The beginning!

Well, I have finally gone and done it.... I am starting a blog today! I've been using myspace and Twitter but I think this is the way to go for everyone to keep up! I will post more soon.