Friday, August 29, 2008

Red Bugs & Spiders ....OH MY!

Finally....summer senior sessions have slowed down and now we are starting school pictures! It has been a great summer and I have enjoyed every session that I have done!
From spider bites to red bugs to sun burn to get the idea it has been an adventure that I will always remember. Images from these sessions to be posted soon!
I have been too busy to keep up with this blog but my goal is to update this at least once a week.
I have the GPPA convention coming up soon in Athens and I am so excited! I have a tail gate party to attend, a toga party to attend and My Big Fat Greek Awards Ceremony to attend....sounds fun! I need dress ideas for all three events....any suggestions?
Well, I have another session here so I must go until next time....keep smiling!

What's Clickin'?,

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