Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Day Off

So far, I have really enjoyed my so called day off...... I put together a slide show this morning,
(I put the Video together in about 5 minuted so it's not fancy, wait til ya see the GA School one that I am going to do......)cleaned off my computer, had a long talk with a old friend about where I am at in my walk with the Lord, been shopping at Wal-Mart, played with my dogs, went to tag office to pay my taxes(Yippee), and now I am fixing to go and get my things together for my afternoon Session.
My session today is a Senior who happens to also be a model so this one is easy and the location that we will be using is beautiful. I will post a few images here tomorrow! I am really excited about this session.
Well, I am signing off for now and I will catch you all up next time!

What's Clickin',
Melanie Burney

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